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Ryan Gregory Thurman stuns as Sebastian with fabulous vocals and characterization; he’s everything you’re hoping he will be and his performance of “Under the Sea” will not disappoint.


Kristin Weyer,  The Theatre Guide






I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH!

My family has always been insanely supportive of anything I've wanted to do.  I started my adventures off young; 5 years old to be exact, when I started Tae Kwon Do. Through the next decade or so, I earned my 2nd Degree Black Belt (still one of my favorite accomplishments!). I later found an interest in more sports: Hockey, Lacrosse, and Diving. 

My love for music has ALWAYS been huge. From playing the Viola in orchestra, to playing Clarinet and Saxophone in Concert, Jazz and Marching Bands. Eventually I decided to push it further and joined an Acapella choir, an Acapella men's group, and show choir. I discovered the love for singing that led me to do my first big musical RAGTIME, playing Coalhouse Walker Jr. From then on, it was set!

I finished up high school and left Shaker Heights for "Steel Town;" PITTSBURGH. I attended Point Park University's Conservatory of Performing Arts and in 2014, graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Musical Theatre. Shortly thereafter, I packed up my things, and moved here, to my new home, New York City! 


This Is A Story All About How...



               Oct. 14 - Oct. 24, 2021

         (HENRY) MANN





Pumped and grateful to step into some "Leading Man" shoes as Henry Mann in THE EVOLUTION OF (HENRY) MANN. Ryan joins the team, lead by dir. Jason Aguirre, in this, the post shutdown inaugural season at the American Theatre Group in their brand new location in Basking Ridge! The show, written by

Dan Elish (13: The Musical), and Douglas J. Cohen (Children's Letters to God), is a fully revamped/rewritten/reworked production (since its 2018 Off-Broadway run). Previews begin on Thursday, October 14th ahead of an opening night on Saturday, October 16th & running until October 24th at the Sieminski Theatre.

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                        July 2021




The NEON COVEN is BACK with another hit! Ryan joined his Neon Coven fam once again for another wild ride! This

Cinema-verse performance was based on Diablo Cody's cult-classic JENNIFER'S BODY and was lead by none other than the Covens favorite Queen:

JAN (RPDR: Season 12, RPDR All-Stars 6). A fun rock, and punk twist on this gory, fun, bloody good time of a film,

JANNIFER'S BODY was performed at Radial Park in Hallet's Point and included incredible arrangements by the one and only Andrew Barret Cox, featuring songs from Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Rob Zombie, and tons more.

                       TBD - TBD

          Sister Act

    A Divine Musical Comedy




Ryan is set to make his debut at the one and only Paper Mill Playhouse in June 2022, rejoining the cast of SISTER ACT as TJ, after a COVID postponement (and a helluva 2 years). The team is lead by director Steven Beckler with choreography by Janet Rothermel, & the show is set to begin performances June 1st, 2022, running until June 26th, 2022.

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